Are These The Last Days Of Brick-And-Mortar Casinos?

It’s no secret that the online segment of the entertainment industry has grown dramatically in recent months, displacing land-based establishments during the quarantine period. For this reason, many began to doubt the relevance and profitability of such an offline business. At the same time, the revenues of land-based casinos fell sharply while National Casino and other online venues attracted thousands of new users from all over the world. It seems as if offline casinos will soon come to an imminent end. But is it really so? Let’s figure it out.

Which One Earns More?

Let’s start right away with the stunning facts – the offline gambling industry makes more money. Yes, even despite the decline in investment, the pandemic, and the growth of the online sector, the offline industry is still the leader and boasts multi-million dollar revenues. However, the situation could change dramatically in a few years. The online gambling industry is developing rapidly, capturing new territories, including Asia and Africa. 

Investments In Offline Casinos

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Despite the pandemic and its aftermath, many companies are investing in new projects. In particular, the gambling corporation Cordish Gaming is actively investing in the development of casino resorts in the USA. Cordish Gaming’s most recent investment examples include the Pittsburgh Casino in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, and an upscale resort 150 km from New York – Live! Casino Hotel Philadelphia, worth $ 700 million.

In addition, a large number of solo projects are emerging, as well as a good deal of coastal hotels with casinos. Many businessmen expect growing interest in offline establishments after the end of the pandemic and therefore are not afraid to invest billions of dollars in new projects.

Thus, even now the offline gambling industry keeps fighting for new customers growing noticeably and offering more cool venues. 

A Secret Weapon Of Land-Based Casinos

Now, let’s talk about the main feature of offline casinos that will prevent the industry from disappearing. If you think that this is a great atmosphere, alcoholic drinks, beautiful women, or a higher quality of service, then you are wrong – of course, all this can be found in a classic offline casino, but the main weapon of such establishments is unforgettable shows! Since the 40s of the last century, casinos have attracted customers precisely because of various performances ranging from dances to musical shows by popular singers. You can’t find such things in an online casino, no matter how hard you try! 


Experts predict that the influence of the virtual segment will continue to grow. This is a completely unstoppable process as almost all areas of business are moving to the online space today. On the other hand, this does not mean that land-based gambling venues will completely disappear. Online platforms will not be able to completely imitate the atmosphere, interior, and other features of brick-and-mortar venues. The richest people will keep returning to offline establishments attracted by live communication, personal managers, music, delicious drinks, and much more.

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