Why Verification Is So Important?

What Is Verification Process Made For?


The main reason for creating verification is the desire of casino creators to protect themselves from fraudsters. Thus they minimize the likelihood that dishonest players will abuse the given opportunities. 

What are these possibilities? Well, opening an account in almost every online casino is accompanied by the provision of bonuses (virtual cash and free spins). Most bonuses one player can receive only once, for example, welcome bonus. If users verification was not required in the casino, then some players would create an unlimited number of accounts, and everyone will receive bonuses again.

To prevent this from happening, the casino does not allow the withdrawal of money without verification. This is a completely logical way of protection. Of course, get and use bonuses, the player will be able, but before he will be able to withdraw any money, he needs will verify the account.

What are the steps for verification?

First of all, you need to sign up at Mason Slots Casino or other venues and fill in your account credentials:

  1. Indicate your personal data (name and surname, gender, date, and place of birth);
  2. After you have filled in your personal data in the casino profile, you must indicate a valid mail and your phone number;
  3. Then open the letter from a casino administration and click on the link to confirm the registration.

Having finished with the basic things, you can start the verification procedure. For this, you will need to upload one or more documents confirming your identity. The list of documents may differ depending on an online casino, but usually, just a passport photo is enough.

What else may be required of you during verification?

In some cases, online casinos do extra steps to check your identity:

  1. Residence check. This check can be carried out using any document that simultaneously mentions your name and residential address. Typically, utility bills are used for these purposes.
  2. Checking financial transactions. Such checks consist in providing screenshots of payment systems or photographs of bank cards that you use to deposit or withdraw funds.

Tips For Newbies

  • If, when filling out your profile, you made a mistake, then you need to write to the online support chat of the casino in which you registered and ask them to correct the data.
  • Before sending your documents, ask the casino support service what information you can hide, and be sure to do it. Any graphic program will allow you to hide (paint over) some of the vital numbers. For example, you can use Photoshop or the standard Paint that comes with any Windows operating system.
  • Try to deal with the verification as quickly as possible, because this will allow you to withdraw winnings in the future. Also, we advise you not to trust venues without identity verification – such sites are often involved in stealing payment information.

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