How to Play Free Online Scratch Cards

The purpose of online scratch cards is to win cash and prizes. However, if you don’t feel confident about betting, you can play for free. The great thing about video scratch cards is that they come in a variety of different themes.

Another point, as we’ll see below, is that you have a better chance of winning with themed scratchcards.

What is Online Scratch Cards?

Scratch and win

When you think of a scratch card, you’re reminded of the one where you scratch off a coin to get a prize.

In online scratch cards, the idea is basically the same: you try to make combinations on the cards to win a prize.

Furthermore, you’ll find 2 types of cards on the gaming sites. Let’s see what they are!

Traditional Scratch Card

The traditional scratch card is what we see in the example below, taken from the Betsson’s website. As you can see, the card above looks very similar to the original physical scratch card. It has the maximum amount you can receive and the area to scratch.

Instead of symbols, you have values. If you find 3 that match, you win that value in cash.

Video or Themed Scratchcard

A second online scratch card option is a Video or Themed card. The playing process is the same as for the regular scratch card:

  • The amount invested is variable, according to your choice.
  • Instead of values, you must combine symbols.
  • The prize is the amount invested multiplied by the type of symbol you matched.

To understand better, let’s take another example. This time it’s a LeoVegas scratch card. This is great for training your luck and to see how the games work. Or just to pass the time.

To play free online scratch cards simply visit the websites we’ll give you below. Don’t forget to register by creating an account.

Tips for Winning in Scratch Cards

scratch cards types

In order to win on a physical scratch card, you must rely 100% on luck. On the other hand, in online scratch cards you can interfere a little bit with the winning odds.

That interference comes in the form of doing 2 things:

  • Choosing video scratch cards
  • Paying attention to the RTP of these scratch cards.

Let’s explore further these 2 actions, which can minimise your losses and ensure some long term gains!

Choose Video Scratchers

As we mentioned earlier, video scratch cards give you a better chance of winning than traditional online scratch cards.

But why? See below for the reasons:

  • A Video Scratch card is classified as a slot machine.

Slot machines are games with a pre-set player return on investment, the RTP, set by the casinos.

A traditional type online scratch card, on the other hand, is an instant play or quick game. And instant games rarely have a preset RTP.

When they do, they are lower compared to slot machines.

  • Instant Win games require a specific stake.

Another problem with instant play scratch cards is that the cards usually have a specific value set.

This value cannot be changed. Some are for $1, some are for $2 or even $3. You may also find $5, although these are rarer.

Video scratch cards are more flexible on this point. You can bet $10 or $0,25 cents. The choice is entirely up to you.

This gives you more confidence when playing. If you think you’re in luck, go for $10. If you’d rather go for a small amount, go for $0.25.

Pay attention to the RTP on these scratch cards

The RTP stands for Return of Player. It is measured as a percentage, being the chance that you will get back what you invested in playing the game.

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