Learn how to play Power Mania Bonus and win prizes

It’s easy to define Power Mania Bonus: simple and super fun. This game developed by Zitro Games doesn’t need a big production to offer what every player looks for in an online bingo: adrenaline, fun and prizes. In Power Mania Bonus you’ll have many more opportunities to have fun and test your luck.

In Power Mania Bonus you have the possibility to play with up to 4 cards with 15 numbers each. We’ll draw 30 numbered balls (out of a possible 90) and you can even get 10 extra balls! That’s a lot of chances to win!

The advantages of Power Mania Bonus don’t stop there. In this online bingo game you can even win the Z-ball, which appears when you use the extra balls. And its power? Nothing less than letting you choose any number on your card to get a combination and win prizes!

Now, here are the main rules for playing Power Mania Bonus:

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  • You can choose whether you will play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards in this online bingo. The numbers on each card are drawn randomly. If you want to change them, just click on the cards. To activate or deactivate the cards just click on the “ON” and “OFF” buttons located on the top of each card.
    • At the bottom menu of the Power Mania Bonus screen you can customize your game by changing the bet and changing the volume, for example. This is also where you can ask questions about online bingo and change the language of the game.
    • When the Z-Ball appears the user will have the right to manually select any number among the open cards. In other words, more chances to be the winner!
    • Remember: the larger your bet, the greater your chances of winning prizes! That’s why we always stress the importance of setting the bet right at the beginning of Power Mania Bonus.
    • In Power Mania Bonus you can also win the main prize of online bingo games: the Jackpot! To win, you must complete an entire card until the 30th numbered ball is drawn.

Power Mania Bonus is the perfect game for those who are looking for excitement, adrenalin and lots of prizes! And the best of all: it’s free online bingo and easy to play!

Have fun now with Power Mania Bonus bingo game

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Despite being a Mexican company, Zitro Games has been gaining a lot of ground among online bingo players. And this version of Power Mania Bonus keeps the fun and quality of prizes that players deserve!

Don’t waste any more time, have fun and win prizes! Play now Power Mania Bonus for free!

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