Silverball video bingo is pure adrenalin and fun!

In Silverball you can play with up to 4 cards made up of 15 numbers divided into 3 columns. At any time you can increase or decrease the number of cards by clicking on the button above each card. Silverball will surprise all players who are used to online bingo games due to its playability and the fun this game offers. The pleasurable experience of playing free online bingo and winning prizes will keep you going most of the time with Silverball!

If you want to change the numbers on the cards to other numbers that will bring you more luck, just click on CARDS, which is located at the bottom of the game.

Just like other free online bingo games, Silverball Bingo will draw 33 randomly numbered balls out of the 90 available. And the special advantage is that in this online bingo you can still get 8 extra balls for a better chance of completing any of the 3 winning patterns and winning prizes!

The excitement will be great when your card starts to fill up and you realize that you’re becoming a big winner in Silverball.

It’s very important that you stay tuned in at all stages of this online bingo. At any time when you’re playing for extra balls the Silverball bingo game mascot will appear. At that moment you’re entitled to an extra ball for free!

In addition to the extra balls, you can also win the Silverball Jackpot! To get it, you need to complete at least one whole card up to the 30th ball drawn. Remember, to qualify for the Jackpot, you must play all 4 cards, wagering at least 3.

Learn more how to play Silverball and have fun at Playbonds!

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Playbonds got the Silverball gameplay right. It’s very simple and easy!

Here are the main tips to play Silverball and become an excellent online bingo player!

  1. Think very well about the game before you start. Although not a strategy game, Silverball and other online bingo games need you to think about your moves and bets beforehand.
  2. Once you have set your moves in Silverball, choose whether you will play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards.
  3. Decide on the value of your bets. You can choose between 1 and 10 credits per betting card.
  4. Remember: to win more prizes you need to play with higher bets. The larger your bet, the greater your chances of winning big.
  5. Choose whether the game speed is normal or fast. To increase the speed of the draw, click on TURBO, located in the bottom menu of Silverball.
  6. For other game settings like volume and auto play, just click on the HELP button. We recommend playing Silverball Bingo online in turbo mode for you to feel an energy that you will hardly find in any other online bingo game.

Don’t know what to do in your spare time?

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Playbonds has the solution: play Silverball! Silverball is a fun and very exciting online bingo game. We’re sure you’ll spend hours playing and winning several prizes comfortably at home.

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