Football predictions for betting – how to understand predictions?

Step 1: Specialize in a market

No bettor in the world is good at everything!

The first step to have more assertiveness in football picks is to become an expert in a market, that is, to dominate the market so you know which are the best leagues, the best teams, the worst defences, the best attacks and other various factors that favour your analysis method before choosing your bets.

It is very common for beginners and intermediate bettors to bet only on the market of favorites, but have no method of in-depth analysis, or have a shallow look for odds and have with low odds do multiple thinking that is guaranteed that team win the game just because it is with a very low odd and whatever God wants!

And this is not how it works, because the odds do not mean much, ie, the favorites do not always win, so odds are the last thing to watch.

Step 2: Analyse only games in your expert market

Have you become an expert in a market? Now you are good at what you do!

The second step now is to analyse the games in which the odds are the highest for the market you specialise in. Now it is easier to analyse the games and you will not be lost without knowing what to do on the following day of the games, that is, if you become specialist in a market you will already know what to analyse and will not be looking randomly for games that do not fit with your method.

And so it serves as an example for other markets, what you should do to facilitate your analysis is to determine good criteria that favor your market and so you will have much more success when placing your bets.

Step 3: Analyse the two teams

two footbal players

The third step now is to analyze the 2 teams.

As in step 2, analyzing the games and championships that have more potential to beat your market is important, analyzing now the 2 teams is even more important.

An important tip is also to check if the teams will play with relevant absences that could be missing a lot and end up hurting also your analysis.

And so it serves as an example for any other market. Always look for favorable scenarios and set criteria to analyze the market with much more accuracy!

Step 4: The fewer games the better

Too many hits is wonderful, too many mistakes is disastrous!

Especially beginner bettors end up being too thirsty, where they want to make thousands of daily games to accomplish their bets and maintain the addiction! When everything goes right on the day it’s all wonderful, but when nothing goes right it’s totally disastrous!

This way you only have one way to end the month: breaking the bank and making deposits after infinite deposits giving money to the bookies!

The fifth step is to work with few daily games, where those games are favourable to your betting method, that means, separate one day before the games that fit your techniques and forget about the other games that are running around the world.

The profitable bettor focuses on QUALITY! Never on QUANTITY!

  • Remember: bets have equal risks, that is, if you want to win a lot of money fast and easy keep in mind that in the same speed you also have the risk of losing everything.

The profitable bettor focus on the LONG TERM! Never on the SHORT TERM! If you want to get rich quick keep playing Mega-Sena which is much better.

Step 5: Play for value

ball and money

Many guesses are right, but being profitable is for few!

Surely you must have already seen in the sports news that 97% of the bettors in the whole world lose money to the bookmakers and only 3% are profitable in the long term and that is due to the fact that almost all the bettors in the world bet with no value, that is, make bets that give profit in the long term in a consistent way and never in the short term.

Step 6: Have a bankroll management

Take care of your bankroll as if it was your company!

It is common for beginners to have no idea of how much they should bet according to the money they have in their bankroll.

Bank management is nothing more than practices to control your investments and that is why we prepared a complete article on how to make a good bank management in sports betting where we teach both the step by step how to do as the importance of managing your bank.

We will not always get it right

Keep in mind that even studying and being an expert in the market, it will be impossible to get 100% of the bets right because it doesn’t exist! The important thing is to have a good percentage of hits along with odds that will give you profit even if you have a certain margin of error.

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